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The Macy’s Beauty Box is a subscription beauty box launched in August of 2017.  I was the lead creative for the program’s digital presence including enrollment, marketing, and the the online shopping experience after on boarding.  I was able to join the marketing team at inception and gain useful knowledge of the brand’s intentions which was great for making it come to life over a one year process.  I enjoyed being present for photo and video shoots created by the brilliant Kirsti Kroner, Macy’sCreative Director of Beauty and was able to give styling direction to help with the team’s understanding of placement for web- most importantly mobile.

I worked with the development team in Macy’s San Francisco office to get the site fully responsive and pixel perfect, and I have kept in touch since to measure the success and room for improvement of the program.

Macy's Beauty Box Homepage- Subscribe
Macy's Beauty Box Homepage- Subscribe- Program highlights and features video
View this month's and previous boxes- links out to the Path to Purchase page.
Rotating commentary on this month's box along with featured Instagram unboxing from customers
Monthly Box- December
Monthly Box- January
Monthly Box- February
Path to Purchase Page with video of model and how to use
Path to Purchase page- displays the six products of the month for her to shop full size products
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