Art Direction, Product/Packaging

Le Vero Sleep

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Art Direction, Product/Packaging

A collection of sleeping masks designed and produced in New York’s historic garment district using only fabrics and packaging entirely made in the United States.


After returning to the States from five years living and designing in Japan, I was inspired by the garment district being right here in my own backyard.  I was living on 34th street in a “lady’s residence” literally 15 minutes walk from the small studio factories which sampled and produced this collection!  It is truely my “American” project.

Styled by Hayley Gingers of @sweetgingers
Woven tags for the sleep masks
First hand made model
Making hand made models first
Love chenille!
Styled by Lizzy @theconnoisseurofcute
Styled by Megan @helloholiday
Styled by Sarah @helloholiday
Styled by Megan @helloholiday
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Frederic Cassel