Art Direction, Digital Product Design


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Art Director/Developer

Kandice Levero


Art Direction, Digital Product Design

Cocktailphabet is a fully responsive website created to share cocktail recipes from popular and underground Brooklyn bars. Working with chef and food stylist Julia Green and photographer Dylan Ellis, we created this site to showcase the best of Brooklyn.


I handle:

Front End Design- creating a fully responsive site utilizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Concept Creation- I put together the team and worked out the general alphabet concept.

Visual Design- Branding through color, typography, and layout.

Photography and Editing- Onsite and in studio shooting and retouching.

Partnership Development- Establishing relationships with new bars in Brooklyn to feature.

Cocktailphabet Homepage and Navigation
Cocktail Homepage
Mobile view of homepage and cocktail listing
Search by letter menu
Alert- this letter is taken
Cocktail entry- G
Cocktail entry- B
Cocktail entry- C
The Team
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