Art Direction, Digital Product Design

Quest Collection

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Art Direction, Digital Product Design

A redesign of the shopping website for Quest Collection, a home decor company focused on higher end gift items made in America, many by hand. For my part, I am responsible for:


Product styling, photography, and retouching- From choosing backgrounds, building sets in house, and finding the perfect stem I was the stylist for all shoots. I handled all photography for this small team and did all Photoshop retouching.

Visual Design- Rebranding Quest Collection website to reflect their goals of a sleek and modern visual representation to their wholesale customer. It was a major overhaul. Front End Coding Assistant- Working with a senior developer to code the site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from desktop to smartphone compatibility.

Copywriter- Contributing to marketing campaigns, weekly email blasts, and the website with engaging stories.

carousel of vertical product shots advanced with large arrow on left
menu at the top of the page for busy wholesale buyers to navigate quickly
Mobile view of homepage
Shooting product in two contexts for color scheme options
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Frederic Cassel